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What is?

Paths to Markets, Negoshi Republika Dominikana i hopi mas is a tool at the disposal of Curacao´s MSMEs to get information, training and support.  Please join and let´s build a bridge for a successful future post-Covid-19.

The world is changing, and it requires for us to make adjustments both in our lives and in our businesses. Plans need to be revised and products and services need to be revamped. We all look forward to the post-COVID-19 time, when we will be able to resume our daily activities. While we go through this crisis, many business people are struggling, afraid for their business and livelihood and overwhelmed by the concerning news going around. Once this passes, we will be facing new challenges, and new challenges require new tools.

Since before the COVID-19 crisis, Curacao Desk in the Dominican Republic – a joint effort of the Ministry of Economic Development of Curacao and the Curacao Investment & Export Promotion Agency (CINEX) – has been working in supporting and increasing business between Curacao and the Dominican Republic. In spite of the current crisis, according to the World Bank, the DR market will be one of the least affected within Latin America and the Caribbean with an expected increase for 2021, which will put the country back to the continue path to growth it have had for the past decade.

With a direct weekly route from Curacao to DR, which has been working uninterruptedly, and a Partial Scope Agreement under negotiation, the DR continues to be a promising market. Therefore, we decided to continue with the launch of the product Path to Markets: Negoshi Republika Dominikana. Aware of the fact that the crisis has affected all companies, especially MSMEs we have modified the program to adjust to assist MSMEs to thrive in a post-COVID-19 world.

Why should I join?

A tool to get information, advise and support on an ongoing basis

An insight support in one of the main Caribbean market, as well as other Caribbean markets

Experts and community to discuss, link and strategize in the middle of uncertain times

Free resource specifically tailored to Curacao firms and sectors

Business linkages that can spark innovation and new solutions

As soon as you join you will get:

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The Paths to Markets programmes include:

We will add ongoing support for new and existing MSMEs on designing and adapting their business strategies for export. This will include webinars, information, market news taking advantage of the expertise of the Curacao Desk staff and for some sectors it will include sector-specific content which will be designed based on membership.

The online inner circle group will include not only companies interested in doing businesses with the DR, but also discussion of competitiveness issues and resources on market-specific information which could be of interest for the companies of Curacao.

Although the main focus of the Path To Markets program is to help Curacao exporters into the DR market, this year we will open it up to any businesses that could benefit their operations from enhanced linkages with the DR and other markets.


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